4 Responses to “Q&A: How many families with kids move each year?”

  1. FeatherHead says:

    Moving all the time is very hard on their schooling…

  2. Tiger Lily says:

    It’s prominent in the military culture. I theorize that this tendency to move frequently (where attachments to other people and children don’t get a chance to form strongly) is part of what perpetuates military enlistment. Many military people had fathers that were also in the military. I believe that because they grow up lacking attachments and ties to a community, that the attachment to the family (ergo adherence to traditions and following the father, who is typically the domineering but often aloof or absent member of the family) becomes infinitely more magnified and important, thus enlistment and continuing of military culture distinct from civilian life.

    The same could also be said for kids who move often outside the military – strong attachments to peer groups or a community on the whole are lacking if they don’t stay grounded for very long. 6 months or a year is not long enough for a child to form lasting attachments to other people that can withstand distance. Even adults have trouble with it – just take a look at how long-distance relationships end up often times.

    Children who move frequently to different communities (inter-community moving probably does not have as dramatic effects, as they still attend the same schools and are immersed in the same local culture), often feel a sense of not belonging with groups; have difficulty forming lasting friendships and/or relationships; preform poorly in school due to one school’s expectations and curriculum differing greatly from others: it’s like an academic version of culture shock; and have difficulty identifying with a specific culture.

    The statistic I have heard – though college was a few years ago, it may not be current – is that the average family in America moves once every 7 years. As for how many families move every year, you could get a rough estimate (based on moving every 7 years) as 1/7 of all families with children living at home will move within a given year.

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